Our Venue

Beautiful bouquet and boutonniere provided for the bride and groom.




Private dressing room for the bride.





Comedy Themed Weddings - Love & Laughter



Start your life together with love and laughter is the motto at The Church Of Ha, where you can get married by an ordained comedian/minister.


Traditional weddings are a thing of the past, especially if it’s your second or third and young people starting out should save the overpriced wedding budget for a house and have a fun celebration and party as they start their new life together.    With a comedy themed wedding you  can start your life together with laughter with an affordable, fun and unique ceremony and then go out and enjoy the Las Vegas nightlife with a dinner, show or nightclub experience.


Don Barnhart currently stars in 2 different Las Vegas based residencies for his standup comedy and hypnosis shows.  He is an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church who has ordained such notable celebrities as The Rock, Conan O’Brian and Lady Gaga. 


The Church of Ha specializes in clean, family friendly comedy, comedy themed weddings and are the brainchild of comedian and minister Don Barnhart.


Barnhart just filmed his Dry Bar Comedy Special for Angel Vid who has over 4 million subscribers and specializes in family friendly comedy. “We wanted to do something different when we first created The Church of Ha”, said Barnhart.  “Just a place where people could go on a Friday night and have fun with the shock aspect so prevalent in many comedy venues and a few friends and relatives had asked me to officiate their wedding and the idea of doing comedy themed weddings evolved out of that."







*Use Of Venue

*Ordained Comedian/Minister

*Use Of Silk Bouquet/Boutonniere


*Champagne Toast (up to 4)

*Small Cake (up to 4)

*Digital Video Of Ceremony

*Photography (12 digital photos)

*Use Of Bridal Room


Guests recieve up to 4 comp tickets to Don Barnhart's standup or hypnosis show later that evening should the couple be in need of a break.  Besides a comedian, you can even get married by an impersonator of your favorite star or comic book character based on their availability.


Love is not a joke and although they do infuse humor into their wedding ceremonies, The Church of Ha reminds you that it is a binding, legal contract that should be taken seriously.   For a wedding to be legally binding, ceremonies much include the two elements of a “Declaration of Intent”, knows as the “Do you…I Do” exchange and the “The Pronouncement” where the couple is officially married. 


Before during and after is where the fun of the comedy wedding takes place and might include a roasting of the nuptials or readings and statements from former lovers and friends.


Our 1000 sq. ft. venue is ideal for small ceremonies, which include:

* 40 chairs

* 3 banquet tables (seats up to 6 per table comfortably)

* Bridal bouquet and groom boutonniere

* Dressing room

* Kitchenette with full refrigerator

* Kurieg coffee maker

* Staging area with microphone and sound system

* Private bathroom


Dates are limited so feel free to email or call us if you have any questions, comments or concerns and book your wedding today.  Please visit our contact page for more info: