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Comedy Legend George Wallace and Don Barnhart overseas entertaining the troops.


Louie Anderson and Don Barnhart backstage before the show...


Don Barnhart's documentary on standup


One of our projects, Freedom of Speech means Freedom of Thought,

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Ministry Of Laughter

The Church of Ha - Ministry of Laughter is a non-denominational congregation celebrating our relationship to our higher power through the gift of laughter.  We offer clean, family friend comedy shows as well as comedy themed wedding ceremonies.

Our goal is to create in environment of fun, healing and laughter with a spiritual undertone. Basically, we're creating a home for cleaner based comedy, humor, entertainment and enlightenment.  We are currently in development of several TV and film projects that are fun and entertaining for the entire family without being crude or vulgar.

Our backgound is stand up comedy, but we do have guest speakers, poets, musical acts, Shaman, spiritual leaders from all beliefs along with other artists with a "spiritual" background sharing our beliefs without judgement, dogma and negativity.

Since there is a Church of Bacon, A Church of Atheists and a Church of Cannabis - A religion that embraces marijuana as a holy sacrament so why not a Church of Ha celebrating laughter's enlightenment of the soul?


At The Church of Ha - Ministry of Laughter we celebrate all faiths and denominations through the universal language of humor and laughter. We feel that through this shared experience we become closer to our personal relationship with our higher power.

The Church of Ha's congregation is open to one and all and celebrates through communal humor and laughter.  Our minsiters, priests, rabbis, shamen, pastors, yogis, spiritual leaders, speakers and comedians often communicate in the vernacular of today and some language may be considered offensive so 18 and over is suggested.

Founder Don Barnhart stated, "Our principles are similar to those of The Universal Life Church in that, we do not have any type of test for loyalty, or religious rings to kiss and we don't we require payment. We are a non-denominational community and offer a full spectrum of support services and that we are all spokes connected to the same hub of light, love and understanding."

Our mission is to share our spirituality through humor and laughter.  Our main focus so far has been bringing comedy shows to the men and women serving overseas in the militarty.  Please be sure to check out our Battle Comics as we are featured in the new documentary I Am Battle Comic.


We also offer comedy themed weddings so you can start you life together with laughter.  Traditional weddings are outdated and overpriced. Check out our wedding link for more info.


Please look around our site and let us know if you have any questions or would like to get involved in some of our upcomign projects...


I wish you all peace, love and laughter, Don Barnhart Jr.


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